Elizabeth’s Cleaning and Organizing has been cleaning my home for over 10 years now. They do an excellent job, they are always on time and I am very comfortable having them in my home. A key element of this company is that they do not have significant staff turn over. You get to know the team and rely on their consistency. I have never had a problem with any of the staff, they are always very pleasant, courteous and do a terrific job. They go beyond what I would request – that’s another key element – you don’t need to request them to do things because they are always already ahead of you, doing those extra little things that if left untouched would eventually need to be addressed.

I also used the organizing service when I moved. I had a very busy work schedule and couldn’t see an end to unpacking the moving boxes. For a reasonable fee, they came over to my home, purchased organizing shelves for the closets etc, and had those boxes unpacked, sorted, and put away in obvious places so that I wasn’t searching for what I needed. This was so incredibly helpful!

I have recommended this company to my friends and they too are just as pleased as I am.
Jane, Oakland

Complete house cleaning. Top to bottom. 2 Bathrooms Lv.Rm,Dn.Rm,2Bd.Rm and Family room. 2000 Sq. Feet  Excellent. The people were very efficient and professional. The place was spotless when they were done. The owner of the business,Elizabeth made sure we were satisfied and made follow up contact.
Marlene, San Ramon

Elizabeth and her team organized my garage, my master bedroom and hall closets and my daughters room, as well as performing a deep cleaning of my entire home. I found Elizabeth’s Cleaning and Organizing Services to be outstanding. I have used them for the past 9 months and have been thoroughly pleased with their work performance, dependability and flexibility. They did a wonderful job organizing my closets making them look good, as well as functional. I can now find items that I need and I have so much more space using the systems she installed.

Liz Loughlin, the owner, and her employees are always extremely professional and trustworthy–two traits that are most important when you have people in your home on a regular basis. Liz is particularly good at establishing good communication and strong personal connections. She really got to know me and my home and she carved out just the the right level of service based on my individual family needs. She also has strong relationships with her employees. Clearly, she is a fair and caring employer which is important to me as well.

I highly recommend Elizabeth’s Cleaning and Organizing Services. It’s a first-rate company providing excellent service from a one-time pre-party “crash cleaning” to regular cleanings and house make-over’s, as well as small and large organizing jobs. I continue to use her cleaning and organizing services on a regular basis.
Julie, Montclair

I have been working with Liz for 2.5 years.  When I first started up with her service, she took me shopping for cleaning products and taught me about her favorites, including many green products I hadn’t heard of that would be better for my crawling baby.  Her crew has been cleaning my house ever since.  They are pleasant, thorough, very friendly and patient with my very talkative and curious son, and completely trustworthy.
Liz is always easy to coordinate with and is always willing to discuss any issues on my mind.  Her advice on cleaning, organizing, and many other life issues has been indispensable.  I have been extremely happy with her service and have even bumped up my frequency to once a week.
Alissa, Piedmont

You don’t know what you’re missing! Liz’s operation is a lifesaver. She leads an intelligent, meticulous and dependable crew. I’ve been a client for almost 10 years and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.
Tabitha, Berkeley

We love the service Elizabeth’s and her crew provides us. They are thorough, reliable , trustworthy and friendly. Liz came for an initial assessment and we were immediately at ease with her. She is very knowledgeable about what cleaning supplies are the best to use on a variety of services. We have a dog and were a little worried about that, but Liz let us know her crew has no problem with pets or small children. Give her a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. To us she is worth every penny!
Bonnie, Oakland

8 months pregnant plus a toddler, I was feeling very overwhelmed getting ready for our housewarming/baby shower. I decided I would treat myself to some help with the floors and bathrooms. I heard about Elizabeth’s Cleaning from a very satisfied friend and called. You couldn’t meet a nicer person! She was so understanding and accommodating (especially since I had given very short notice).

The morning of my big party Elizabeth showed up with her team and did a complete walk through, then she gave her team all kinds of instruction and they went to work quickly and diligently. I was amazed at the level of detail and efficiency these woman worked. I watched in awe as they cleaned places and things that would have never been on my list. After a couple hours, Elizabeth returned and made sure everything was to satisfaction. They had left my house cleaner than it was when we bought it, truly sparkling. A week later, I am still impressed and smile when I see my shiny white counters, chrome and like new toaster over (that I had given up on getting spotless ages ago.)

They exceeded my expectations and did it with such great service and affordable price. I also really appreciate that they discussed all the cleaning products with me. I prefer to use “green” products and found they do also. I highly recommend them and am so looking forward to having them help me out regularly.
Carleigh, Richmond