Household Management

Are you at work all day and can’t be home for the 9-1 window the repairman gave you?  Need to get bids on a project but no time to meet with the contractors?  Aren’t sure things are running as efficiently as they could be around the house?  I can help!  I will act on your behalf to accomplish the tasks that you don’t have time for.  Here are just a few things my clients have appreciated help with:

  • Find and hire plumbers, contractors, etc.
  • Meet Comcast, computer repair guy or any other appointments at your house and make sure the task is completed correctly, paid for and your house is safe and secure when done.
  • Pay bills
  • Keep track of re-sealing of your granite, floors, and other household maintenance.
  • Need hardwood floors to be refinished (or other home project)? I will make appointments to get bids and manage the project from start to finish.