about us

who we are

Elizabeth Loughlin started her business in 1999 after cleaning her way through college. She had started out on a very different path, but after having seen the great need for competent, reliable, trustworthy and thorough house cleaners, she decided to dedicate herself to providing it.

our skills

Elizabeth’s education and background have allowed her to fill many needs of busy executives, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else needing extra help around the house with cleaning and other tasks.  She utilizes strong organizational skills, initiative and resourcefulness to help you get through your to-do list. She can use these skills to organize your house, your life, or even train you to do it.

why hire us

She has a team of well trained, dependable, energetic individuals. Because they know they are part of a team, there is very little turnover, unlike many other cleaning services. You will always see a smiling, familiar and friendly face coming through your door.

We are a fully licensed and bonded business. We are fast, nice and pay attention to the details.

Liz Loughlin Cleaning and Organizing